Sunday Feb 26, 2023

”Burnout” with MD, author & speaker Susan Landers

Welcome to the Wellbeing and career world podcast, I am delighted to be chatting with retired neonatologist, author, & speaker. Susan practiced full-time in the NICU for over thirty years and wrote a book about her experience: "So Many Babies: My Life Balancing a
Busy Medical Career and Motherhood." She is an expert in physician burnout, breastfeeding medicine, & donor human milk banking. During her career Susan published over thirty peer-reviewed papers.

On today's podcast we will be chatting about "burnout" physical and emotional exhaustion

A very warm welcome to the podcast Susan Landers, MD


Susan answers some of the questions asked below during the podcast or answers questions as part of the conversation.


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I gave a brief introduction about your background, Can you let
listeners know more about your background? Before we chat about our main topic today. I want to try an add a Career element to our chat. May I ask you, what suggestion's do you have for
anyone wanting a career in the Medical field? Do they need good grades in school? What are the typical subjects in school to focus on? Can your family and personal life be a challenge when entering this Career? Are the working hours unsociable? Is the Salary worth all the training or does it depend on the individual and their love for the job? Would you do it all again of you had the chance or would you do anything different?lets chat about Burnout, what is it?How does it start and why?What are the signs and symptoms of Burnout?
Can Burnout lead to more serious medical Issues ?Can friends and family help if they see someone experiencing burnout or will it make matters worse?(interfering etc) Is it a dog eat dog world that we have to stop moaning and just get on with it or is their more to work life balance?What tips or strategies do you have to help those who maybe experiencing burnout? In one of your Blogs it was mentioned you felt like a fireman running around putting out fires? Can I ask how did you manage this and how can an employer manage burnout in workers?There are organisations, companies promoting wellbeing in the workplace, but realistically how can an individual contact their boss to let them know they are burnt out without any negative actions from the boss or company?Where can you be found on social media?




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