Monday Feb 27, 2023

Career Pivot for Women and Mom’s with Career Coach, Podcast Host, entrepreneur & Founder of Second Act Success Shannon Russell

Welcome to the Wellbeing and career world podcast, I am delighted to be chatting with Television Producer turned mom, turned entrepreneur, turned Career Coach, and host of the Second Act Success Podcast. Shannon spent over 16 years as a Television Producer in New York City and Los Angeles. She then decided to stop producing shows for others and start "producing" her own life. Shannon pivoted to open her own business running a successful Snapology franchise teaching children STEM education. After being asked my so many people how she made such a drastic career change, Shannon launched a second business with Second Act Success (, where she coaches women
to "produce" their best life by changing careers, starting a business, and following their creative passions to the fullest. Shannon shares her journey from television executive to business owner and mom, through her Second Act Success Podcast, as she interviews inspirational women who have made the leap into a career change and transitioned into a happier healthier human. Shannon hopes to motivate more women to make big moves in life and follow their dreams through her businesses and podcast. After all, we have one life to live so why not have many careers and adventures along the way!.

On today's podcast we will be chatting about Career pivot for Mom's and Women

A very warm welcome to the podcast Shannon Russell

Shannon answers some of the questions asked below during the podcast or answers questions as part of the conversation.


I gave a brief introduction about your background, Can you let
listeners know more about your background? Before we chat about our topic today, what was it like as an intern at CBS News and MTV? Any fly on the wall stories you wanna share?How did you get the internship and what is the process especially for those who do not know what it is?  Lets chat about our main topic today Career pivot for moms and women, in your own opinion is it difficult for women and moms to have the same career stability today as many years ago? Are things improving for Women and moms and the
workplace?What is one of the of the biggest challenges moms face when returning to the workforce or continuing their career? Do Moms have any flexibility with time off and can bosses do anything to make the process easier? What tips or suggestions do you have for any women or mom wanting to pivot career? Can you explain what career pivoting is?Have you any suggestions for bosses out there to encourage moms and women in a career pivot?Can age be a factor when career pivoting no matter if its a Women or a man?Does experience count for anything in today's job market? You are the founder of second act success, can you explain the
services you provide and how they may help others especially women?


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