Monday Feb 07, 2022

Steps to a career change with founder and CEO of Avarah Careers, a career coaching business Sarah Baker Andrus.

"Welcome to the Wellbeing and Career World Podcast, I am delighted to be chatting with the founder and CEO of Avarah
Careers, a career coaching business. She’s worked on all sides
of the hiring equation, as a recruiter, hiring manager, and career counsellor,  serving in the corporate world, non-profits, and academia. When it comes to the hiring process and how it works from the inside, she’s seen it all.
Today we will be chatting about "steps to a career change"
A very warm Welcome to the podcast Sarah Baker Andrus.

Sarah answers some of the questions asked during the podcast or answers as part of the conversation:

Sarah chats about her background, Sarah in your own opinion,1) Can you explain if it is easy to change career? 2)Why do people want to change Career?3) How can someone match their qualifications and skills to match those in a different industry?,For Example, you are a professional in one area and want a career change into the IT sector, any suggestions on how this is possible?5) How can someone reduce future employer stereotypes about them for example: Why would you want to leave being a Doctor to become a retail assistant? I am not using this to say a retail assistant is of less importance, but there maybe certain Bias when applying for so called high profile positions, How can this be overcome?
6)What can someone place on their C.V. to explain they are looking
for a career change? 7)What if someone does not have the piece of paper(Degree etc), but they have Skills? 8) Sarah, you are the CEO of Avarah, Can you explain what Avarah is and the services you provide?9) Where can listeners get in contact with you on Social media?


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